Baby Brett

In my mind, I can't help but believe that every person starts out precious, with no need but to be cared for in the very basic ways. And by "basic ways," I mean "to be simply loved."

Yes, we care for these tiny beings in the most obvious ways with food, shelter and warmth. And I do realize that there are extreme cases in which some of these tiny beings, through no fault of their own, are not receiving the obvious care. We can save that topic for another day.

But when I think on the tragedies of human society, I go back to images like this, and I know that every human being started out like this. Every human being started out with no need but to be simply loved.

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To care for a child is more than giving it obvious care. To care for a child is to hold the child. To let her breathe you in. To let him hear your heart beat. To let her feel the vibrations of your voice. To respond to him with tenderness when he cries. To study her, and to know her. To know that he is communicating with you. To see her not as a nuisance that can't fit within your norms, but as a dynamic being that thirsts for your interaction with her.

To care for a child is to respond to him as a sovereign individual that can't be controlled. To accept what she gives you, and to respond with love.