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Designing Your Wall Art

Style quiz

Knowing your design style will help determine which wall art products will look best in your home. 

What is your style?



In traditional design, colors are inspired by nature, whether they are red, green, blue, or yellow. Patterns can be floral, striped, or ornate. Furniture is typically composed of natural elements, like wood, granite, stone and leather.

Design styles that fit within this category are:

  • Shabby chic
  • Rustic
  • French country
  • Victorian
  • Coastal


Modern design refers to a design style popular in the early to mid-20th century. It is characterized by clean, sleek and open furniture design, creating an airy look and feel. Colors are predominantly neutral. Accessories are minimal. Large windows and natural light are common.

Design styles that fit within this category are:

  • Scandanavian
  • Art deco
  • Minimalist
  • Urban


Transitional style is a mix of traditional and contemporary. Design elements are both masculine and feminine, with clean lines and soft textures. The predominant color palette is light and neutral. Bold colors are reserved for accessories or accent walls that can be easily changed.